What is Essential Staff?

Essential Staff is a modern recruitment tool that helps both candidates and employers to source, match and confirm jobs and roles from last minute cover to advanced pre-booked jobs.

How does it work?

Well, it depends on you and your requirements. In a nutshell candidates are able to search for potential employers for last minute work and build up your profile while employers are able to post job requirements and search for staff. Or, in a little more detail


Quite simply, you set up a profile and login (whenever you desire) to confirm your availability on jobs based on factors that are convenient and attractive to you e.g. location of job, pay, type of work, employers, travel distance etc.

Once you’ve posted your interest in the job posting – depending on how soon the employer requires your assistance, you will receive confirmation from the employer with additional details.

Further correspondence will occur – namely, confirming the booking and to notify the employers about outstanding payments and any other relevant or vital pieces of information.

However, it is important that you work to the best of your ability to earn the highest star rating – it makes being found and chosen for jobs, more favorable to you.


For an employer, you’ll need to set up your company’s profile – but in addition to this, you’ll need to create a job post (like an advert) – which is very simple to do.

Following the job posting, you pick and determine who will be working the shifts or jobs that you have made available from the pool of waiting employees, based on the top ten best matching profiles.

A series of emails would then be sent between the candidate and yourself to ensure there is no confusion over the role, expectations and payments.

We also offer additional services for our Employer’s side of the business – these are broken down by subscription type.

(For more detailed information click here for the Private Members site and click here for the Basic Employers Site).

How will I get paid?

At the end of your shift the employer will rate your performance and confirm the release of funds (the pre-determined wages) to us as Essential Staff.

Candidates will need to log into Essential Staff to raise an independent invoice, issued to us – it is important that you do so early, to ensure a quicker payment. Note: We will not be able to process a payment without an invoice first being raised, so it is in a candidate’s interest to do so.

You have the choice to be paid directly into your registered PayPal account or your bank account. (Payment into PayPal account usually incurs a fee – please check this out to ensure that there is no fee for PayPal or let candidates know)

Your employer has seven days to pay the staff for the shift covered/job done. We have allowed a seven day grace period, however after the seventh day funds will be released automatically to the candidate and the employer penalised for late payment. Do note however that this policy applies only to regular shifts, for large bookings and pre-planned events payment will usually be cleared within 2 to 4 weeks. This is solely due to administration time and we endeavour to pay all of our Essential Staff candidates in a timely manner.

Do I have to be self-employed to work for ES?

Yes, you must be self-employed to work for ES. Funds will not be released to a candidate if we have not received confirmation of self-employment. Please note too that all candidates are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions

What do I need to wear to shifts?

It depends and varies from shift-to-shift and the requirements of your employer.

Every employer will specify what will you need to wear at the moment of the booking – this information will be found in the descriptions box, on the posted jobs page.

What if I can’t make my job posting?

There are times when circumstances prevent us from fulfilling our intentions and we acknowledge these at Essential Staff. However, we ask out of courtesy (and for your personal rating) that you inform the employer at the earliest opportunity.

However, failure to make an appearance, work diligently and reliably until the end of the job could result in a reduction of work being offered.

I am new to the UK and I haven’t got my National Insurance number – can I work without it?

You can begin to work without having your NI number, but we ask that you give this to us with this as soon as possible.

Tell me about Essential Staff’s coverage?

We’re still in our development and growth stage – so we have limited our catchment to the UK, with emphasis on London.

We’re working hard to diversify our services (whilst maintaining a high standard) – we’re looking at opportunities for global expansion.

I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten you password, simply click to the log in page and select 'Forgot Password'.

Re-enter your email/username follow through the instructions – our password wizards will generate a new one for you and send it to your registered email address.

Once you’ve received the email – follow those instructions until you have completed the process.

How do I locate a job on the map?

All jobs available for work have been placed on a map based on the location of the work – this is for your convenience.

If you click through to the ES icon (on the map), additional information about the job will be displayed; all job details can be seen on jobs available by pressing details.

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