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Things you need to know

  1. Skill level
    All our candidates are vetted and tested on their knowledge within their given specialist areas. We use this to best place candidates to meet your requirements
  2. Sign up
    Our candidates are interviewed, tested and career managed during our on-boarding process
  3. Checks
    Our due diligence includes extensive searches on your/our candidates legal requirements - this includes right to work and health/safety checks (where required)

How it works

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Our process is simple.
When you have a vacancy for anything from immediate job cover through to pre-planned event.

Simply post a job, providing location, details of the role, salary and we’ll match you with the best candidates based on your requirements.

Training & Services

The Essential Staff service doesn’t stop there – we also offer training modules for specific roles and industries for those wanting to specialize.

Our service is free and we have a few packages that may benefit candidates in building their careers and making sure that they can be in employment by planning a schedule of last minute jobs for themselves.

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